Posted October 10, 2021

Things To Come

People are consumed by the question, “What is going to happen? What is going to happen after we die? What is going to happen at the end? How will it all work out? We worry about our futures [...]

Posted October 30, 2021


On Oct 30th, we had the incredible joy of hosting Yves Dushime, a speaker for Operation Christmas Child. We worshiped with music lead by our LIFE Young Adult Worship team and learned about the [...]

Posted October 3, 2021


Our reaction to the enaction of God’s will matters. Who we are and how we live our lives matter. In this sermon, our youth pastor John Roselle lays out how we are to react when God’s [...]

Posted September 26, 2021


Living the Christian life takes trust. Trust in the Lord’s promises, trust in the future He has in store for us, and trust that all things are going to work for those called according to [...]

Posted September 19, 2021


The moment we choose Christ we move from death to life! Our faith is supposed to be a living example of that new life, yet far too often we allow it to something no longer living. Revitalize that [...]