If God Made Everything, Where Did He Come From? – Blog #15

If God Made Everything, Where Did He Come From?

by Pastor John Roselle | April 14
Preface: For all those joining in outside of TSM, this blog is adapted from our current Wednesday night series called Life's Difficult Questions, where I encourage our students to anonymously submit questions they are struggling with. With this switch to online, I am having our students read this and then join in on an Instagram live stream to discuss. Students, I will see you all on Instagram Wednesday night at 8 pm. Everyone else, I hope this blog is an encouragement to you...

This is definitely an interesting question that has been asked for generations. The difficulty with it comes when we try to wrap our puny heads around the vast and infinite nature of God. Despite how feeble of an attempt this may be, it is this very question that makes us human. As opposed to God, it is in our miniscule and finite nature to attempt to understand the complex character of God. To abruptly answer this question, the only response possible, biblically speaking, is that He was always there. Our supreme God, who overshadows any other man-made, small “g” god out there had no beginning and has no end. He was neither created nor can He be destroyed.  This concept can be tough to swallow, since we can’t fully understand infinity, but hey, let’s at least try to understand a few things about it from this lesson!

God Is A God Of Infinites…

Read Colossians 1:16, Romans 1:20, and Revelations 1:8.

From these verses, we should get a pretty good picture that God is a God of infinites. In theological circles, these are known as the “omni’s” of God. God is omniscient, meaning He is all-knowing. He knows everything that has ever been done. He knows every thought that has ever been thought. And even greater than that, He knows these things before they ever happen. He is omnipotent, meaning  He is all-powerful. He has the ability to create life and destroy it effortlessly. He can raise the dead, heal the blind, and turn water into wine. He is omnipresent, meaning He is everywhere at one point. God can be present in heaven and earth simultaneously. Take the furthest points from each other in our universe and he is at both places at the same exact time. God had no beginning and will never end. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He has the power to create a vast, complex, and beautiful universe with just the sound of His voice and with the smallest flex of His pinky toe, can keep that universe in the state of order and under the natural law in which it exists. To put it plainly, God is an infinitely greater being than us, His creation. He is the sole entity on the plain of the infinite.

Why do you think this is so difficult for humans to understand or believe?

God Is A God Who Cannot Be Fully Understood And That’s Ok!

Read Job 36:26 and Isaiah 55:8-9.

Both Job and Isaiah were writing about the infinite nature of God when they were writing these passages. In both cases, these guys had come to the conclusion that it was impossible for them to fully wrap their minds around what God was doing in their lives. They had attempted to grab hold of God’s thoughts and ways, and concluded on the futility of their efforts. Man simply cannot fully understand God and that’s how it is meant to be during our time on earth.

Let me ask you this question, would you have it any other way? I know we as humans desire to know everything there is to know about a topic, to somehow reach the end of all of the knowledge there is to gain about someone, but should we have this desire with God? Do you know what you are considered if you know everything there is to know about a subject? You are considered a master of that topic. If you had the ability to know God fully, to know His thoughts and infinite ways, that would make you a master of God. That would be putting the created as master over the Creator. Seems backwards right? It’s okay to not fully grasp God’s infinite abilities and workings.

God’s Infinite Nature Overcomes Our Finite Ability

Read Philippians 4:13 and Matthew 19:26.

What if I was to say that it was to our benefit that God is infinitely superior to our own abilities and understandings? That it is a good thing we can’t know everything there is to know about God? Would you believe me? Hopefully, by now the answer is yes! As these verses show us, the fact that we are finite, yet God is infinite means that regardless of the problem we face here on Earth, we have a God who is strong enough to overcome that problem. Through God’s strength, we have the ability to withstand anything that this world has to throw at us. Plus, I think this is kind of what faith is all about anyway. We may not fully know everything there is to know about God, yet we still believe. We may not know why we are going through something, yet we still trust because of what we know God is capable of. I mean, just look at salvation. Does it make sense that a sinless, infinite God would love sinful, finite people so much that He would willingly die for them? To us, no, but thankfully God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours, because that is exactly what He did, giving us life! Our impossibilities become possibilities through Him!