How Do We Share Christ While Not Sharing COVID-19? – Blog #20

How Do We Share Christ While Not Sharing COVID-19?

by Pastor John Roselle | April 21
Preface: For all those joining in outside of TSM, this blog is adapted from our current Wednesday night series called Life's Difficult Questions, where I encourage our students to anonymously submit questions they are struggling with. With this switch to online, I am having our students read this and then join in on an Instagram live stream to discuss. Students, I will see you all on Instagram Wednesday night at 8 pm. Everyone else, I hope this blog is an encouragement to you...

So, I got this question recently and I am actually not sure who it was who asked it. They might not have even been a teen. It is an interesting question though, and never did I think it would be a question that would have to be answered when I started this study. Obviously, no one but God could have known that there would be a time in our lives when a face to face conversation opening doors for the gospel would be this uniquely difficult, yet here we are. So the question today is how do we approach sharing the gospel with others as Christians in the midst of this global pandemic? Should we pause and wait it out? Should we ignore the social distancing regulations and start knocking on doors? Maybe, just maybe, the answer is that we should continue sharing Christ, but utilize the blessings of technology to do so. So let’s start with what the Bible has to say!

Our Instruction

Read Colossians 4:2-6.

In this passage, Paul is writing to the Church at Colossae and at this point in his letter, he begins wrapping up his discussion with a few pointed directions for the church. As you were hopefully able to pick up on from this passage, Paul’s main focus here is to share the gospel. With this focus, he also provides three steps on how to do so more effectively.

  1. First, Paul urges the church to pray. Pray that God would open doors. Pray that God would provide opportunities for the mystery of Christ to be spoken to others. Now, this request for prayer from the church was specifically for himself and his ministry, but the practice is something that we should all be using today. Think about it. When was the last time you prayed for God to give you opportunities to share your faith with someone? It has most likely been a while. This is something though that is needed  even more today. As social distancing expands and as people interact less and less, the significance of those interactions we do have grow exponentially. So, start by praying that God would use you in this way.
  2. Second, Paul urges the church to walk in wisdom in the face of those who do not believe in Jesus. This is a reminder that our actions speak louder than our words. How we live our life matters, especially around those who are lost. When we live right, according to the Bible, our life becomes a testament to the truth of Jesus Christ and the changed life He offers in salvation. When we live wrong, our life shows to those outside the faith that maybe living a life for Christ isn’t all that different from how they’re living in the first place. Walking in wisdom pushes us to set the first example.
  3. Third, Paul urges the church to speak grace seasoned with salt. Think of it this way. The gospel of grace is a big, fat, juicy steak and our knowledge of the Bible is the salt on top making those flavors pop. The more we read, the more we understand. The more we understand, the better the flavoring. Now God is going to be able to work regardless of how well seasoned we are in the faith, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to improve our knowledge. As we grow, we will be better equipped to share Christ and answer those tough questions that may come up when we share His name. 

Our Plan

Read Isaiah 55:10-11.

There is a time and purpose for everything that we experience and the work that Christ works through us does not return void. We are living through a difficult time where our responsibility to share our faith is easily lost in the six feet mandated to limit our social interaction. Yet, I can’t help but think that God is still at work through this and can still use each and every one of you to spread His name despite not being able to do so in person. To start off our plan moving forward, pray. This is needed now more than ever. It’s hard to see opportunity when we are apart. Pray that God shows you spots throughout your day, whether it’s over text, on TikTok, or even while you’re destroying your friend in Madden. Next, make sure that you are showing Christ in those interactions you do have. In the world we are currently living in, this means being wise in how you present yourself online. Think through the posts you share on Instagram, reread that text before you send it, and maybe don’t flip out if you’re the one getting destroyed in Madden. Finally, take this extra time to season yourself. I know you’ve got more time on your hands. This is a good time to work on your knowledge of God’s Word and create habits in your life that will continue beyond this quarantine. Ultimately, when we focus on our instruction and implement this plan, we will begin to spread Christ while trying not to spread the virus!