Quick Word from Pastor Rob – Blog #23

Quick Word from Pastor Rob

One of the important disciplines in the Christian life is self-control. To have self-control means to exercise restraint, and to control impulses and emotions especially in difficult situations. 

Self-control causes you to watch your words.  In Psalms 19:14 we are told to let our words be acceptable in God’s sight.  What is not acceptable are words spoken in anger, carelessly, or as insults.  Of course these are only a small sampling.  It’s also good to remember that once a word is spoken it cannot be taken back.  It is out there forever.  But words can be very positive as Proverbs 25:11 describes:  “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver”. 

Self-control helps you to manage your money.  I believe that all good money management begins with tithing.  This is basic Christian stewardship.  Some Christians will not follow this path and they give many reasons for not doing so.  But I firmly believe that when a person puts God first in everything including their money they will develop a wise plan with everything that follows.  This will go a long way in not getting upside down in your finances.

Self-control empowers you to maintain your health.  It is true that no one can guarantee their health.  Not everything is in our control.  But the things that we do have control over can give us a much healthier life.  Three thoughts that I’m sure you have heard a thousand times are:  eat in moderation, exercise regularly, and get adequate rest.  I told you that you’ve heard them a thousand times!

It is raining.  Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles sounds good about now.

Pastor Rob