Quick Word from Pastor Rob – Blog #12

Quick Word from Pastor Rob

Joy is the genuine mark of true faith.  It is divine.  It comes about through having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is not dependent on circumstances.  That is something that we can hold onto especially at this time.  The circumstances around us are not great!  It keeps you faithful.  Nehemiah 8:10 says:  “Do not sorrow for the joy of the Lord is your strength”.

Here’s another thing about joy.  If you have joy it will impact others.  Paul certainly had his problems but this is what he wrote in Philippians 1:12:  “but I want you to know brethren that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel”.  His joy affected non-Christians.  The elite Roman guards were given responsibility for guarding him.  What did they learn?  That Paul never saw himself as a victim only as a conqueror.  He knew his current circumstances were not as important as what he did with them.  That speaks volumes today!

His testimony was also a great encouragement to other Christians.  They became more confident and courageous and less fearful.  We can all learn from this.

Pastor Rob