God Wants You! – Blog # 40

Quick Word from Pastor John –

God Wants You!

Week One of Jonah:

Have you ever seen those old posters from the World Wars where good ol’ Uncle Sam is pointing at you saying he wants you “to join the U.S. Army” or “buy war bonds” or something patriotic like that? Of course you have. Well, I want you to imagine instead of Uncle Sam on that poster, God is on it pointing at you and instead of some patriotic calling, it’s a divine calling with a divine purpose. Got that picture in your brain? Good, because that mental image is the point of today’s Recharge Blog. God is calling you. He’s standing there pointing at you saying “I want you,” and what the rest of that text reads at the bottom of your imaginary poster is a calling between you and God. I may not know what your text reads, but what I do know is God is calling you to do something for His will and His glory today!

In the book of Jonah, we see a clear example of God’s calling in the life of His prophet Jonah where the text at the bottom of Jonah’s poster read “I want you to preach to the people of Nineveh.” In Jonah 1:1-2 Jonah writes, “Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Amittai, saying, ‘Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry out against it; for their wickedness has come up before Me.’” In Jonah’s life, he became charged with the task of preaching repentance and salvation to the wicked people of Nineveh. His response was not a great one though. Instead of saying “Yes God, I will go wherever you want me to go. I will do whatever you want me to do,” he packs up and ships out in the complete opposite direction of God’s calling. In Jonah 1:3 it says, “But Jonah arose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord. He went down to Joppa, and found a ship going to Tarshish; so he paid the fare, and went down into it, to go with them to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.” Jonah wanted nothing to do with Nineveh and because of that, the calling of God as well. He fled from his calling, hoping that God would forget about him and it and pick someone else. As we’ll see next week, God never forgets. 

Here’s what I want you to do this week though. I want you to fill in the text of your poster. It may read “I want you to finally talk to your friends about me,” or “I want you to serve me by helping this person.” It may even be “I want you to believe in me for the first time and accept me as your Lord and Savior.” I don’t know what it is that God is calling you to do. What I want from you though is to not react to that calling in the same way that Jonah reacted. Don’t flee from  it, accept it. Say yes God, I will accept your calling and live it out today and for however long it is that you want me to. I’ve had many posters in my day, and will have many more throughout the rest of my life, but most significantly, my posters have read, “John, I want you to believe in Me” and “John, I want you to surrender your life to ministry for Me.” I’ve fled at points, but ultimately I’ve surrendered. Surrender to what God wants from you, today!