The Blessed Life

So many people out there are looking to find their “ideal” for a blessed life. They search and search all over the place, but often times their search leads no where. With some, their venture leads them to a place even less blessed than where they were at the start. The central cause of this problem is found in the world’s definition of blessed versus God’s definition. This sermon series by Pastor Rob breaks down the Beatitudes in order to show us God’s ideal for a blessed life!


April 26th | Blessed Are The Persecuted  **ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - AUDIO ONLY**
April 19th | Blessed Are The Peacemakers  **ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - AUDIO ONLY**
April 5th | Blessed Are The Pure  **ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - AUDIO ONLY**
March 29th | Blessed Are The Merciful **ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - AUDIO ONLY**
March 22nd | Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst **ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - AUDIO ONLY**
March 15th | Blessed Are The Meek **ONLINE EXCLUSIVE**
March 8th | Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
March 1st | Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit